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The school calendars are available to download as a pdf document using the following links:

The school day is as follows:

The school is open to pupils from 8am and pupils must be on site by 8:38am (first bell). Pupils must then be in their form room by 8:40am (second bell). Arriving after the first bell, or not being their form rooms by the time of the second bell means that a pupil is late to school. School finishes at 3.10pm.

Please be aware that the gates of the school are closed to vehicles between 2:50pm-3:10 pm

8:40-9:10amForm Time, Personal Development & Registration
9:15-10:05amLesson 1
10:05-10:55amLesson 2
10:55-11:10am Break
11:15-12:05pmLesson 3
12:05-12:55pmLesson 4
1:30pm - 2:20pmLesson 5
2.20pm - 3:10pmLesson 6

Details of Dean Trust Rose Bridge’s proposed 2025-2026 admissions arrangements and how to comment can be found at – www.wigan.gov.uk/consultations  Please log on if you wish to share your views.

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