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The school calendars are available to download as a pdf document using the following links:

The school day is as follows:

The school is open to pupils from 8am and pupils must be on site by 8:38am (first bell). Pupils must then be in their form room by 8:40am (second bell). Arriving after the first bell, or not being their form rooms by the time of the second bell means that a pupil is late to school. School finishes at 3.10pm.

Please be aware that the gates of the school are closed to vehicles between 2:50pm-3:10 pm

8:40-9:10amForm Time, Personal Development & Registration
9:15-10:05amLesson 1
10:05-10:55amLesson 2
10:55-11:10am Break
11:15-12:05pmLesson 3
12:05-12:55pmLesson 4
1:30pm - 2:20pmLesson 5
2.20pm - 3:10pmLesson 6


Please be aware that on Monday 22nd April 2024, Ince Green Lane will be closed at Ince railway station bridge until November 2024.

The updated bus route and timetables can be found below:

Updated Bus Information

Catching the Bus

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