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We are an inclusive community at Dean Trust Rose Bridge and are tolerant of the differences between one another. As part of our commitment to developing our community, we ensure that all pupils receive a wide education in all areas of societal living. Please see below for a list of the many things we do so as to prevent discriminatory behaviour:

• Anti-bullying week assemblies
• PDC curriculum
• Strong pastoral system
• Regular safeguarding meetings
• PHSCE curriculum
• Safer Schools Police Officer
• Stepping Up Box
• E safety (ICT Y7 curriculum, PHSCE curriculum)
• Assemblies
• Form Tutor noticeboards (how to stop discrimination/steps to follow/key contacts)
• Restorative justice to resolve any issues
• Mentoring
• Inclusion support

Although incidents of bullying and discriminatory behaviour are so rare at Dean Trust Rose Bridge, as an extra measure the safeguarding team review CPOMS and Class Charts on a weekly basis as an additional quality assurance tool.

Bullying will not be tolerated at this school and should be reported at the first opportunity. We do not accept any form of bullying here at Dean Trust Rose Bridge and, in the rare event that it takes place, pupils and parents have a number of ways in which they can report it:

1) Contact the Year Team or Pupil Engagement Team(phone: 01942 510712)

  • Year 7: Mr Volante
  • Year 8: Mrs Rennox
  • Year 9: Mr Jones
  • Year 10: Mr Finnegan
  • Year 11: Mr Shepherd
  • PET: Miss Johnson, Mrs Evans & Mr Meaney

2) Submit to the ‘Stepping Up’ box

This is located at the pupil entrance. Disclosures can be anonymously posted by any member of our school community.

3) Contact any member of staff

Staff will take any disclosure seriously and ensure that it is fully investigated. They may need to ask you to write it down, or may take notes whilst you speak, so as to help with the investigation.

Opening Arrangements

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Parents/Carers of Future Year 7

We’re thrilled to welcome you to the Dean Trust Rose Bridge community. We will be writing to you all in due course with details of our transition events. If you would like to visit the school for a tour during the day, please contact our Office team.

All Parents/Carers

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Parents/Carers of Year 11

Please see the link for details about the GCSE Results Collection Day 2022 – GCSE Results Collection Day 2022


If you need support during the school holidays please access the support of key services that our listed on our website

Standards and Expectations

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