Praise, encouragement and rewards are intrinsic to what we do at Dean Trust Rose Bridge in order to support our pupils to achieve the very best.

In line with the principles of the DTRB behaviour policy, we foster a strong culture of encouragement, praise and reward, seeking to praise more often than sanction. This reward system has been created in consultation with staff and pupils to ensure that their systems motivate pupils at every age and stage, and give all pupils the opportunity to be recognised, praised and rewarded for hard work, effort and contribution to school life. 

We have a variety of rewards to ensure that pupils of every level of ability are rewarded for their contributions to school life, effort, behaviour, attendance, progress and acknowledges pupils who are improving, so that rewards are not limited just to the highest attaining pupils. Pupils will be issued Positive Points in class on Bromcom, to recognise pupils who go ‘over and above’, not issuing rewards for mediocrity but encouraging pupils to strive for excellence, to build resilience and to improve to be the best they can be! You can track your child’s Positive Points using the My Child at School app. If you are having any issues using this, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the main school office.

Details of Dean Trust Rose Bridge’s proposed 2025-2026 admissions arrangements and how to comment can be found at –  Please log on if you wish to share your views.

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