Praise, encouragement and rewards are intrinsic to what we do at Dean Trust Rose Bridge in order to support our pupils to achieve the very best.

At Dean Trust Rose Bridge we reward our pupils in many ways; one of these is using Class Charts. This piece of software allows all members of staff to reward pupils across all areas of school, as well as for parents to track the behaviour of their child at school. In return for receiving Praise Points via Class Charts, pupils are able to exchange these for goods in our school shop. As Parents, you are able to access Class charts via their website, and app. Please visit for further details. If you are experiencing problems, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Latham, Assistant Headteacher.

In addition to the use of Class Charts, pupils are also rewarded through the use of visits and events away from our School site. Pupils that are chosen to attend these have demonstrated outstanding behaviour, commitment and attendance and thoroughly deserve this recognition. In addition, we also celebrate our star pupils each year, with our annual Awards Evening. This is an ‘invite-only’ event where we are able to celebrate the many successes of our pupils. The 2020 Awards Evening will be in July, 2020.

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