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At Dean Trust Rose Bridge we pride ourselves on the additional opportunities we provide for our pupils beyond their excellent academic experience in lessons. Learning inside the classroom is the key to success, but we also believe that so much more can be learned beyond the classroom. Enrichment experiences, educational visits and extra-curricular opportunities are integral to the experiences of pupils, and their personal development.

Our aim is for every pupil to experience at least one form of additional enrichment. We believe that this helps to support the development of cultural capital and thus improve the life chances of all pupils.

  • Pupils enjoy lunch and after school clubs across curriculum areas, including music, art, drama, science and mathematics to name but a few.
  • We organise a wide range of educational visits to suit all interests and abilities.
  • We have a very strong tradition of sport at the school and we have regular participants in local and national competitions.
  • All pupils receive bespoke careers support that is embedded into our core curriculum.
  • Pupils have the opportunity to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. For further details on this, please visit https://www.dofe.org/do/what/ .

Pupil Leadership @ DTRB

As a school, we look to empower our young people to be citizens of the future. This means developing  meaningful leadership opportunities for them. At Dean Trust Rose Bridge, we are proud of the roles and responsibilities that our pupils take on, and look to support all pupils in their leadership journey. Some examples of our leadership opportunities are below:

  • Prefects (Open to Y11 pupils)
  • Form Representatives
  • Pupil Parliament Members
  • Sport Leaders
  • MUFoundation Leaders
  • Literacy Ambassadors
  • Learning Mentors

Our pupils shape what we do as a school and, through their positions of leadership, they have had a positive impact on our school. From introducing eco-friendly recycling measures to changes in our uniform, we empower pupils to have a positive impact on their educational experience.

Pupils have the possibility of joining the Pupil Parliament every January. This runs for an academic year. Form Representatives are elected, and will contribute to one of the DTRB leadership committees. These are run by a member of the senior leadership team. Prefects are chosen from an application process every academic year.

Our Work with the Manchester United Foundation

Dean Trust Rose Bridge is partnered with the Manchester United Foundation. The Manchester United Foundation is a charitable organisation that works with us to deliver motivational and inspiring projects to our pupils, with the goal of helping them reach their full potential.  You can find out more about the Manchester United Foundation and its work at www.mufoundation.org.

To ensure that the safety and welfare of our pupils is properly safeguarded and that the projects are delivered in an efficient manner, we provide Manchester United Foundation with basic information about each pupil taking part.  This includes the pupil’s name, date of birth, gender and basic details of any disabilities or medical conditions which may affect their ability to take part in the projects or necessitate special adjustments being made.  We may also provide emergency contact details if required.  Any information we supply to the Manchester United Foundation is securely held and used only for the purposes of delivering the projects and evaluating their success.  All information is processed and safeguarded strictly in accordance with applicable data protection laws.  If you require any further information about Manchester United Foundation or require a copy of their privacy policy, please contact ‘privacy@mufoundation.org’.

Opening Arrangements

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Parents/Carers of Future Year 7

We’re thrilled to welcome you to the Dean Trust Rose Bridge community. We will be writing to you all in due course with details of our transition events. If you would like to visit the school for a tour during the day, please contact our Office team.

All Parents/Carers

Please see the link for details of the remainder of July 2022 – July 2022

Parents/Carers of Year 11

Please see the link for details about the GCSE Results Collection Day 2022 – GCSE Results Collection Day 2022


If you need support during the school holidays please access the support of key services that our listed on our website https://www.deantrustrosebridge.co.uk/parents-pupils/stayingsafe/

Standards and Expectations

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