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At Dean Trust Rose Bridge we pride ourselves on the additional opportunities we provide for our pupils beyond their excellent academic experience in lessons.

Learning inside the classroom is the key to success, but we also believe that so much more can be learnt beyond the classroom. Enrichment activities and trips play a very important part in enriching and enhancing a pupil’s experience of school life.

The aim at Dean Trust Rose Bridge is for every pupil to take part in at least one form of enrichment. Pupils enjoy lunch and after school clubs across curriculum areas, including music, art, drama, science and mathematics to name but a few. Every possible type of trip and visit – to suit all interests and all abilities is available for pupils, including team building weekends, rewards trips and work with local post 16 – organisations.

We have a very strong tradition of sport at the school.  Dean Trust Rose Bridge has regular participants in local and national competitions.  Many individuals and teams enjoy success both locally and nationally, particularly in rugby league and every year we hold Laurelhill Coomunity College (Northern Ireland) for a football tournament.

Our Enrichment Target:
70% of pupils are involved in extra-curricular activity.
70% of PP pupils are involved in extra-curricular activity.

For details of Enrichment Programme Activities for 2019-20, please see below:

Enrichment Calendar 2019-2020




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