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Pupil Premium Funding

Pupil Premium funding was introduced by the Government to help support disadvantaged pupils (defined initially by their eligibility for Free School Meals at any time in the last six years). The funding aims to enable schools to take the most effective actions to improve outcomes for disadvantaged pupils and eliminate the gap in performance between pupils from backgrounds with different levels of wealth.

Dean Trust Rose Bridge is allocated an amount each April by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), depending on the number of disadvantaged pupils on-roll as at the January census. It is then for the Academy to decide how this money is best spent to have the maximum impact on overall pupil achievement and experience.

Monitoring for Impact

Our Pupil Premium strategy is reviewed each term by leaders to assess the impact of the funded interventions, and published on an annual basis.  Adjustments are made to our strategic plan according to the impact of strategies on improving outcomes. We recognise the importance of evaluation and the need for this to be robust to ensure the approaches we are using are effective and represent excellent value for money.

Our work in relation to Pupil Premium is reviewed regularly to ensure it is having the intended impact in raising standards. Key leaders across the school meet regularly to discuss the support provided for all our disadvantaged pupils in general and the impact of the provision. We respond rapidly and make adjustments if particular strategies are not working as well as expected. The review and monitoring is also carried out through parental and pupil forums/surveys, work sampling, data captures and lesson drop in observations. The information gathered from these meetings is collated centrally, and regularly shared with staff.

For more information on Pupil Premium please contact Mrs Cundle, Deputy Headteacher.


Catch Up Funding [Now replaced by Recovery Funding]

Parents/Carers of Future Year 7

We’re thrilled to welcome you to the Dean Trust Rose Bridge community. We will be writing to you all in due course with details of our transition events. If you would like to visit the school for a tour during the day, please contact our Office team.

Parents/Carers of Year 11

Please see the link for details of the Exam ‘Advanced Information’  – Summer 2022 GCSE Exam Board Advanced Information – The Dean Trust

Please see the link for details of the Exam Timetable for Summer 2022  –  https://www.thedeantrust.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/Exam-Timetable-Summer-2022.pdf

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