Exam Results

In 2017, the Department for Education introduced a new grading scale for GCSEs. Numerical awards are now given to pupils in each subject – grading from 9-1 (9 being the highest attainment). The purpose was to allow greater differentiation between pupils and to also help distinguish the new GCSEs from previous versions. The exams have new, more demanding content, which have been developed by government and the exam boards. A Grade 4 is a ‘standard pass’ and a Grade 5 is a ‘strong pass’.

2019 Results
Average Progress 8-0.8
Average Attainment 838
Av Grade 4+ in Eng & Maths45%
Av Grade 5+ in Eng & Maths24%
Av Grade 7+ in Eng & Maths4%
Av Grade 7+ in Eng & Maths20%
Pupils achieving 5 or more standard passes (inc E/M)39%
Destinations Data
Wigan & Leigh College60%
St John Rigby College12%
Other providers (Coaching Connections, West Lancs, Wigan Warriors etc...)7%
Pendleton College3%
St Helens College2%
Course Levels
3 (A Levels / BTEC Extended Diploma)40%
2 (NVQ2 or BTEC L2)38%
1 (NVQ1 or BTEC L1)26%
Entry Level4%
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