Exam Results

Dean Trust Rose Bridge

Dean Trust Rose Bridge opened in February 2019 and is yet to have any validated examination results. Due to the government decision to cancel all public examinations in 2020, we expect our first set of validated and verified GCSE results to be published in August, 2021.



This month, Kooth are launching their latest Campaign: ‘Positive Futures’, to help young people through their exam results. In light of recent news that many exam results are expected to be lowered, this campaign around managing wellbeing and accessing support during results period should be really valuable for many young people. Some members of the Kooth team will also be sharing their advice and experiences from 10th to 20th August on our Kooth social media.


You can also access our Kooth exam support posters by clicking here.


Finally, we will be hosting a Live Forum on the Kooth site on 14th August called ‘Exam Results; What’s next?’.


For information about our virtual open evening, please click below…



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