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Religious Education

Key Stage 3

Religious Education at Dean Trust Rose Bridge compliments and builds on the religious knowledge and skills that your child acquired at Key Stage 2. Pupils learn about the beliefs and practices of the six major world religions. Throughout the three years we integrate some aspects of religion that will be covered in greater detail at Key Stage 4. At the end of Year 9, pupils prepare for GCSE through transitional topics.

Key Stage 4

Pupils follow the Edexcel examination board. They study two world religions; Christianity and Islam. They cover topics such as marriage, life after death and ethical topics such as crime and punishment.


Throughout the two-year GCSE Citizenship course (KS4), pupils will learn about power, democracy, the operation of government and the legal system, and the role of the UK in the wider world. They will explore and learn about different controversial and topical issues to do with political, social, ethical, economic and environmental dimensions in local to global contexts. In addition, pupils will also have the opportunity to experience taking citizenship action and learn from trying to make a difference themselves.

Departmental StaffJob Title
Miss C AshurstHead of Religious Education & Citizenship
Mrs U AghaTeacher of PSHE and Health and Social Care/Assistant Headteacher (DSL and Personal Development)

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