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Every Pupil is entitled to:

• Be welcome as a member of the school community
• Be able to learn within an orderly and clean physical environment
• To feel safe and secure in school from insults, intimidations, violence and danger of any kind
• To be encouraged to develop and reach his/her full potential, both inside and outside the classroom
• To be treated with consideration, courtesy and respect welfare.

The Parent(s)/Carer(s)

Parent/Carer: I/We will
• Make the school aware if there are any issues that might affect my child’s work or well-being.
• See that my child comes to school regularly and arrives on time.
• Ensure that my child is properly equipped for lessons
• Make students aware of the zero tolerance on electronic devices
• Ensure that my child wears the correct school uniform and follows the Appearance Code.
• Support school policies and guidelines for behaviour.
(See website:) www.deantrustrosebridge.co.uk
• Monitor my child’s homework, coursework and other independent learning, signing the planner each week and encouraging the meeting of deadlines.
• Try to attend Parents’ Evening and other discussions about my child’s progress. If unable to attend rearrange at a mutually convenient time.
• Have regard for the school’s attendance target of 100%, holidays should not be taken in term time.
• Inform school of any change of address/telephone number immediately.

The Pupil: I will

• Abide by the Dean Trust Rose Bridge Behaviour and Appearance Code.
• Be polite and respectful to everyone in school and in the local community.
• Take care of the school site, keeping it free of graffiti and litter.
• Attend regularly, arriving on time.
• Wear full school uniform correctly and look neat and tidy as per the Behaviour and Appearance Code.
• Arrive at lessons fully equipped and willing to learn.
• Complete homework and coursework to the best of my ability in all subjects.
• Respect coursework and homework deadlines in all subjects.
• Leave valuable items at home.

Opening Arrangements

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Parents/Carers of Future Year 7

We’re thrilled to welcome you to the Dean Trust Rose Bridge community. We will be writing to you all in due course with details of our transition events. If you would like to visit the school for a tour during the day, please contact our Office team.

All Parents/Carers

Please see the link for details of the remainder of July 2022 – July 2022

Parents/Carers of Year 11

Please see the link for details about the GCSE Results Collection Day 2022 – GCSE Results Collection Day 2022


If you need support during the school holidays please access the support of key services that our listed on our website https://www.deantrustrosebridge.co.uk/parents-pupils/stayingsafe/

Standards and Expectations

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