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Parent Governor Vacancy

Nominations are invited no later than 10.00am on Monday 30th September 2019 for the election of a Parent Governor to serve on the Governing Body of the Wigan Learning Partnership. The term of office will be for a maximum of four years commencing from the date the result of the election is declared.

Candidates must be a parent or have parental responsibility for a registered pupil in attendance at Dean Trust Rose Bridge on the day the nomination forms are distributed and who is willing to accept the appointment if elected.  Anyone who works for Dean Trust Rose Bridge for more than 500 hours in any school year is not eligible to stand for election as a Parent Governor. Nominations may be made by parents of registered pupils at Dean Trust Rose Bridge (this should not be the nominee).

For further information and an application form please click here
Further details in relation to the role of a Parent Governor can be found by reading The Governance Handbook

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